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Below you can find a list of competences, skills and career oriented courses which are organised by Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) in which the 7 Graduate Schools of Wageningen University (EPS, PE&RC, VLAG, WASS, WIAS and WIMEK) are formally organised. All courses are intended for PhDs and post-docs, except the courses Professional in Supervision and Effective Leadership Styles which are intended for staff supervising WU PhD candidates. Please click on the course name for more information about the course and dates at which the course is given.

Communication with the Media and the General Public (CMGP)

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Coordinator  
9, 10 and 30 November 2015 9:30 AM 5:15 PM Douwe Zuidema Apply

Course description

As a researcher you will like to disseminate your findings among a wider audience. It can be important for you to have your findings implemented in society, to find funding for your research, to broaden your network or to promote science and research in general. You can address this audience directly in a presentation, or indirectly via the media by doing an interview or writing a short article for a website with scientific news. It is important to realise that these forms of communication require different skills than when communicating with other scientists.

When you communicate with the media and the general public, whether it is in an interview or writing for a website, you need to be concise, you need to use well-chosen examples, start with the most important findings of your research and avoid jargon. Furthermore, it helps when you are able to convey your enthusiasm about your work.

General Information

Target Group PhD candidates, postdocs and scientific staff
Group size 12 participants
Course duration Three separate full days. Being present at all three days is obliged!
Language English
Credit points 1.0 ECTS
Self-study hours  
Name lecturer Brigitte Hertz (see www.bhertz.nl) and Jeanine de Bruin (see www.hakunamatata.nl)
Venue All participants receive a message about the course location a few weeks before the start date of the course


Communication with the Media and the General Public is an intensive course with many practical exercises and some homework.
This three day course will focus on your role as a communicator and provide you with the necessary ideas and skills to communicate your work to non-scientists.

At the end of this course you will have learned many practical skills that will enable you to be pro-active in communicating your work to non-scientists.

Content and focus on:

  1. Writing for the internet
  2. Doing a radio-interview
  3. Presenting to the general public

Note: This is not a language course. We will not focus on English or Dutch language skills.


1) Reduced fee: PhD candidates of Wageningen University with an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and postdocs of Wageningen University that are registered at one of the graduate schools of Wageningen (EPS, PE&RC, VLAG, WASS, WIAS, WIMEK) € 310,-
2) Full fee: All other PhD candidates / post-docs and staff of Wageningen University € 620,-
3) Extended fee: All other participants € 1240,-

Fee includes study and training material, coffee/tea and lunches.

Cancellation condition

Until four weeks before the start of the course, you can cancel free of charge. After this date you will be charged with the 'Full fee'.

Exemption of payment:

  • When there is a replacement (who you can propose, in this case please inform the course coordinator), you will only be charged with € 100.
  • For PhD's and postdocs of Wageningen University: when you have a valid reason (circumstances beyond your control) to cancel, you will be charged the 'Reduced fee'. In this case a written statement of the supervisor/superior is required.

Note: When you do not have a valid reason to cancel or do not show up at courses that are free of charge, you will be charged with € 100.


For more information please contact Brigitte Hertz, brigitte@bhertz.nl